Published on August 13, 2018

Wms by Viasat, 360° waste management new solution

By Luca Moretti, Vice President ANTHEA and Gianni Barzaghi, CEO DATAMOVE

The environmental service sector and the management of urban and special waste, as well as pay-as-you-throw programs represent a complex and delicate issue in Italy since the rules are constantly changing. Public institutions and companies have to face problems related to the necessity to comply with the requirements of the current legislations in contrast with highly articulated and complex rules, with increasingly limited resources and time. Solid ERP and IoT solutions based on innovative architectures and technological infrastructures provide a concrete answer to such issues. This scenario includes the new WMS – Waste Management Solutions- suite. This unique proposal combines three excellent technological know-hows: Viasat, Anthea and Datamove, Viasat Group’s companies, provide companies with the ultimate, reliable suite for managing the whole environmental service and waste management supply chain through a special platform combining innovative IoT devices and ERP systems. Anthea and Datamove propose as partner and sole interlocutor to support each project phase for companies and public institutions who are willing to manage the challenges of waste measurement, pay-as-you-throw and environmental management in the field of Circular Economy. WMS assures a complete management of Environmental Services, pay-as-you-throw programs, digital data storage and Smart City apps in just one platform and provides an effective answer where single vertical solutions are no longer adequate. Highly performing solutions, innovative services and constant assistance are offered to those clients who need to respond to companies evolution and change, improving their efficiency and competitiveness.

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