Published on January 20, 2020

Winning together

Interview with Domenico Petrone, President Viasat Group

Quality, sustainability, safety, reliability, professionalism, activity management and business development. Aspects that are complementary to each other and that strongly impact the economic growth and market trends, both in Italy and abroad. Technology is the key to shift the balance where politics and regulations cannot. All this applies to every field -transport, mobility and logistics in particular- and Viasat Group is ready to support the companies to stay competitive in a challenging and globalised world. How can digital transformation change our business? A modern and effective business management should mainly be based on the ability to know how to analyze the enormous amount of data deriving from the use technological devices and being able to obtain significant information in support of the company’s growth. Today, telematics represents the inevitable choice, since global competition imposes operating conditions that cannot tolerate inefficiency and inability anymore and where lack of information can impact delivery processes in terms of time and volume. Its application in the world of transport and logistics has opened wide horizons for both operators -who can now rely on improved management systems- and users, who enjoy the benefits of efficiency and value-added services. Does this also apply to Waste Management? Data are the reply. According to “The Impact of Digital Transformation on Waste Recycling Industry”, a study by Frost & Sullivan, it is expected that the global market of intelligent waste management will record total revenues of 3.6 billion dollars within end of 2020 with the help of new technologies. All experience shows how these same technologies can reduce the operating costs of both public and private companies up to 40%. Efficiency has a significant impact on collection costs, meaning lower spending for citizens, better quality and moving towards circular economy. The best choice, in a strategic vision, is to adopt overall and reliable solutions for waste management in the long run. In this sense, Viasat’s Waste Management Solutions offers top quality service in a single platform; reliable and complete management of all processes of waste collection and transport, PAYT pricing, digital data storage and Smart City model apps. Which are Viasat’s winning elements? For sure, the story of our brand, our economic and financial solidity, the highest standard in terms of safety and continuity, the fact of belonging to a growing Italian Group covering the entire business chain processes, from platform and products design and production to the provision of ultimate services and IT infrastructures to our own Security Operations Centres. Our company is now present –both directly and indirectly- in 69 countries in Europe, Africa, Middle-East and Latin America. We are global players in a competitive arena, proposing innovative and performing solutions to all our customers, and we are ready to adapt our business to the market’s needs thanks to our solid technological know-how, expertise and skills. We are pan- European providers for our local and global customers. What is the future of your Group? We are striving towards stronger interaction and greater technological business synergies within the Group to create a more agile and effective organization, as well as pursuing further growth through acquisitions or business combinations at international level. Our results only represent some of the stages of a long journey that is made of professionalism, enthusiasm and passion. Technology, Innovation, Values and Principles are the cornerstones of our story. More than 45 years of experience in the Design and Production of Electronic Systems (Elem, today Vem Solutions IoT, founded in 1974) and over 30 years in the field of Satellite Telematics (Viasat was born in 1987) for a technological, solid, reliable and global Group. We feel “interconnected” to the future and we want our “dreams” to come true as in the past, turning into extraordinary, real facts.

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