Published on October 26, 2021


Freight transport and logistics have become milestones of European Union economy. History tells that the political union of all member Countries has passed through the creation of a single market in which customs duties and tariffs have become just a memory. Viasat, the most important independent supplier in the field of telematic fleet management services in Europe –with over 18000 customers and 200000 heavy and commercial vehicles connected- aims to provide technological support to companies and enhance their competitiveness with efficient and smarter management of transport-related activities. Thanks to our branches in UK, Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Italy, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria we can reach Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Macedonia and- thanks to a solid network of certified partners- over 30 Countries in Africa, Middle East and Latin America. Smart and efficient vehicle fleet management surely represents a strategic goal for all organizations operating in the field of freight transport. The experience of numerous companies testifies that such asset is crucial to re-organize internal operational processes and keep costs under control. In such a context, Viasat provides a wide range of solutions to record and process travel data, as well as geo-localization service, monitoring and control activities such as fuel consumption to maximize performances and guarantee efficient and high quality standards. In addition, we provide professional advice on law regulations to ensure the safety of drivers and prevent penalties, as well as to verify provisions compliance on tachograph regulations for transport companies using vehicles over 3,5 tons.  In this sense, Viasat Fleet provides its customers with a wide range of consultancy and professional assistance services and qualified support in all Countries we are based in. Whatever you need, Viasat has got the right answer for all companies, any vehicle and activity of our customers: building, constructions, freight transport, technical assistance and urban hygiene services, public transport and healthcare. Because we know you well.

Stéphane Puis
Chief of BU Fleet VIASAT GROUP

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