Published on November 27, 2018

We have provided assistance to more than 2million people

By Nicodemo Magliocca, Operations Manager VIASAT S.p.A.

The market of satellite telematics solutions is a great opportunity for the development and innovation of our Country with all the benefits it could bring. We’ll see in the future if Italy can be a leader of this paradigm shift. Viasat is certainly going in this direction with its assistance and protection services, offered by our Operations Centre. Thanks to the collaboration and commitment of 150 operators, 2018 has seen us engaged in receiving and assisting more than 2 million phone calls. Such a result has been possible with the presence of 3 integrated and interconnected operational offices which managing each other backup activities. Reaction time from the moment of the emergency call (manual or automatic) has been quantified in 30 seconds and we ensure fast response in case of accidents, as well as a prompt verification of the driver’s conditions including medical assistance and repair. We provide repairing assistance as we call tow truck service in case of mechanical failure and medical aid relaying basic data about the location of the accident. Law enforcement can be called in case of assault. Let us not forget interventions in case of theft: our operators receive a warning through our Viasat devices and they track the vehicle’s movements thus allowing a significantly higher percentage of recovery. Today, driven by the increasing progress of technology, our Company can provide a series of additional opportunities. Viasat has recently developed a platform to localise and monitor a fleet of 400 tow trucks that our clients can easily track with our app; a prompt service that ensures a quick and qualified repairing assistance within the first 28 minutes. All these services are included in our latest Viasat apps. An ideal solution for drivers in search of the highest standards in terms of protection and assistance. Smartphone and other devices become unique tools for smart mobility and personal safety.

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