Published on February 15, 2017

ViaTrack, stay connected

By Cati Mocanu, CEO Viasat Systems

IoT technologies are becoming more and more popular. The widespread diffusion of connected sensors has pushed many sectors towards change. This includes the transport sector, which, thanks to the opportunities offered by vehicle connectivity, can now considerably improve its efficiency with regard to vehicle monitoring and maintenance, and obtain considerable advantages in terms of cost optimization and rationalization of available information. To better manage all this, companies need tools to process this information and make it quickly and easily available. This is where ViaTrack, the best possible answer to this requirement, comes in. It is a professional web application for fleet monitoring and management. It uses GPS technology, which makes it possible to contact drivers and vehicles in real time and provides a very intuitive dashboard where you can schedule periodic analysis and surveillance reports as well as automatic alerts when a specific event occurs. If the number one priority of each company is to expand its business by improving operating margins, ViaTrack is, without a doubt, an indispensable solution for any fleet manager who, thanks to its functionality, can optimize travel and transport costs, plan the best routes and monitor the progress of activities so as to reduce inefficiencies and increase productivity. Another very important feature of this platform is flexibility, a fundamental quality that makes the difference when it comes to choosing a technological solution that can adapt to any type of requirement. Therefore, it is ideal for large companies that need to take advantage of technology to overcome competition, organizing their business with the aim of respecting delivery, loading and unloading schedules and, last but not least, reducing the fuel consumption and maintenance costs of their vehicles. Likewise, it is also an extremely useful suite for construction companies that use earth-moving machines or special machines for which it is important and necessary to certify when, where and for what they are used. In this sense, ViaTrack provides an overview on the activities of the entire fleet, allowing you to intervene quickly and efficiently. Finally, it perfectly adapts to the activity planning, monitoring and certification needs of the companies operating in the field of urban hygiene, which use vehicles that are expressly designed to provide specific services at a local level, following very strict policies which involve total precision, punctuality and accurate reporting, according to a maximum transparency logic. In a nutshell: no matter how complex our customers’ needs are, ViaTrack will always have the right solution.

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