Published on July 21, 2020


Viasat Group S.p.A. and Axodel, the commercial subsidiary of the French group Kuantic, announce an international partnership agreement that will extend both organizations range of products and services, expanding their offering in the crash/theft and Car Sharing / Fleet sectors.

Viasat Group SpA, European specialists in satellite and IoT security systems, and Axodel, a Kuantic Group company with Valeo investment, have signed a partnership that will see them collaborate for the implementation of their range of products and services in their main European markets (Italy , France, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, UK, Germany).

Axodel is a European leader in advanced fleet telematics will extend its range of products and services, thanks to the new collaboration with Viasat, with a complete offer of stolen vehicle recovery and services in the event of an accident thanks to the European network of Viasat H24 Operations Centres. In the same way, the Viasat Group will expand its range of services, adding the Axodel car sharing solution: a cutting-edge proposal, which incorporates the advanced technologies of Valéo, Movin’Blue, Kuantic and Playmoove.

The Axodel offer, therefore, is expanded today with a modular proposal that starts from the hardware on board the vehicle (original manufacturer equipment or supplied by Kuantic, thanks to its GP8000 telematic devices). Thanks to the partnership with Viasat Group, Axodel offers three levels of assistance: ASSIST, ADVANCED, GLOBAL. The first package is the entry level service and provides an alert to the 24-hour Operations Center in the event of a theft with 24/7 support for vehicle tracking and reporting to the police. The more sophisticated ADVANCED package recognizes the possible interference/ tampering of the device with an immediate telephone call to the customer by the H24 Operations Centre. In the event of an accident, a crash report is issued with full telematic analysis and assistance are provided for completing the Accident Statement. The GLOBAL package, the most comprehensive of the three, adds the volumetric alarm with siren, driver ID and remote immobilisation. As an additional option a fully autonomous GPS module powered by long-lasting batteries is also proposed, which significantly increases the probability of finding a stolen vehicle, even if the other device is tampered with or deactivated.

Viasat enriches its offer with a specific bundle of car-sharing services developed by Axodel for the Italian group and dedicated to short, medium and long term-rental and internal service and pool car fleets. The extremely modular and flexible solution, thanks to the sophisticated hardware and software, coordinates any type of vehicle, with maximum cyber-security (TIR, heavy, LCV, cars, motorcycles, scooters, etc., also electric). With different configurations of the accessory kit, it allows all services, from telematic fleet management to car sharing with articulated pricing, multi-method payments, e-invoices. The unique plus of the BluetoothTM system with Gemalto security key for check-in / out in the absence of GSM coverage is important. The proposal was created to make the shared management of business parks, public car-sharing and automatic renting efficient, with free floating and station based solutions.

The collaboration agreement between the two companies maximizes the offer on the market, with the aim of giving added value to a large number of companies and fleets in Europe: a synergy possible, thanks to the offerings of the two groups complimenting each other.

“Around our international growth project – comments Domenico Petrone, President of Viasat Group S.p.A. – we want to aggregate only the best solutions and the collaboration with Axodel of the Kuantic Group does precisely that. We have high expectations from this partnership, focusing on developing new commercial opportunities in Europe, taking advantage of the natural integration of the solutions proposed by our two Groups”.

“The collaboration of the Kuantic group with Viasat, European specialists in satellite and IoT security systems, makes me extremely happy – comments Dominique Doucet, President of the Kuantic Group – Thanks to this partnership, Kuantic will offer technological solutions to advanced corporate fleets and rental companies, to support the new uses of connected vehicles, to have more efficient, shared and more environmentally friendly fleets”.

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