Published on October 26, 2020


“With regard to the rumors released in the press in recent months, we inform you that, at present, no extraordinary operation is planned on the capital of the Viasat Group”. This was stated by the shareholders of Viasat Group, through Marco Petrone, CEO of the family’s holding company Exefin.

Rumors had been running for some time, although denied on several occasions by the Viasat Group. As is known, the Company started a process of acquisitions of European companies in the sector, starting from 2014, developing a direct presence in Europe in the main countries with the highest growth rate in the Satellite Telematics and IoT market (in addition to Italy, UK, France, Belgium, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Portugal, Spain and Chile) and, through Partner Distributors, in 60 countries around the world. Someone must have thought that, behind all this dynamism, there could be something else. For this reason, Marco Petrone, CEO of the Exefin (the Petrone family holding company), has decided to act as spokesperson for the shareholders of Viasat Group, to reiterate that “the Company is not the subject of any extraordinary operation involving, in whole or in part, the sale of shares or the increase in share capital”.

The strategy of Viasat Group remains the same: to grow in terms of internal capacities, developing and diversifying its business on all the geographic markets covered by the companies of the Group. In this way the Company intends to prioritise the evolutionary project of generational change that aims to enhance the skills and experiences of its own operational and managerial excellence, pursuing its historical Values & Principles.

 “We believe it is a necessary and useful clarification for the economic-financial community, for my family and for all our Stakeholders” comments Domenico Petrone, Founder and President of Viasat Group. “Over the last two years, requests for contact and discussion from investment funds and international industrial groups have intensified. After all, we have never excluded considering any partnerships, with a view to ‘Business Combination’, to position our reality in a framework of greater technological and commercial synergy with the aim of gaining further competitiveness on our products and services in the world.

In any case, our reference benchmark remains the great Italian brands, linked to families that for generations have proudly correlated their history with a strong vocation for territoriality and long-term sustainability. It is equally true that, by choice, we always try to be flexible in adapting strategies and open in evaluating possible alternatives submitted by third parties. In recent months, we have evaluated some new projects with the aim of verifying if they could represent an accelerator of our growth. Following these analyses, we can state that our original industrial project still represents the preferable and best choice for all Stakeholders, including Management and the over 800 specialized resources who, throughout Europe, contribute to the common effort, according to our philosophy of ‘Glocal’: Think Globally and Act Locally. A strategy that combines the different intelligences present in our Group to create a system and build value and development in the various markets with professionalism, tenacity and passion. We have always been ‘Interconnected’ with the future and we want our ‘Dreams’ to come true, as in the past, transforming themselves into extraordinary concrete and lasting events”.

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