Published on September 1, 2021


Daily-use devices generate a wide variety of data deriving from sensors, maps, infrastructures and thermostats to ensure smart, efficient and safe management of goods, resources and services (e.g. smart city applications such as road safety, smart parking, urban maintenance and circular economy). Viasat products and solutions aim at contributing to a revolution that will hand over a better planet for future generations. Covid-19 emergency has changed our habits, created concerns –but also opportunities- represented by the interaction between users and technologies. This is Viasat’s natural habitat; supporting end users, retail channels, car dealer networks, leasing, telecommunication and rental companies as well as public administration through connected systems and encourage their mutual integration. Tools, such as telematic devices to regulate vehicles circulation in restricted areas. That is the case of ‘Move In’ Black Boxes in Lombardy. Also, Viasat Digital Connect: a fully equipped platform for remote assistance, security and diagnostic. Using Viasat satellite services, it provides vehicles, personal and corporate assets tracking and localization as well as driver safety. This is one of the best solutions on the market, exploiting the advantages of satellite anti-theft systems, insurance telematics, fleet management and big data.  Noteworthy are law enforcement supplies; street control devices to ensure territorial and environmental security and monitoring. Viasat services include integrated micro-mobility solutions; motorcycles, micro cars, bikes, e-bikes and scooters. Viasat does not leave anyone behind; safety concerns each of us, no matter what vehicle we use.

Valerio Gridelli
Chief BU Smart Connect VIASAT GROUP

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