Published on August 25, 2021


Like all changes, the digital revolution can be perceived as a threat to a balance that seemed to work perfectly until yesterday, or as an opportunity. Those who work in complex business contexts like ours must always be ready to embrace changes, to shape their business models, as well products and services. Safety, assistance and proximity were the keywords with which Zurich wanted to build its offer. We believe that excellent services -which means the ability to propose the best solution to each customer – accessibility, user-friendliness and safety above all – must represent our real added value. Exactly for this reason, Zurich’s telematic offer applied to the automotive world and ancillary services have been set up starting from these concepts, rather than from a simple economic advantage with no real “added value”. By analyzing the data, we can anticipate customers requests and propose services that are based on their real needs. The challenge is to find service relationship models that make everyone feel that they have found an understanding, interactive insurance partner. In this sense, we have recently signed a partnership with Viasat which, on the one hand, seeks to enhance the importance of safety and assistance through the use of telematics, and on the other, aims at offering a service suite which, in recent years, has become increasingly relevant to the automotive world. We hope that everyone will understand its importance.

Giuseppe D’Elia
Head of Market, Digital & Direct Channels Management ZURICH ITALIA

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