Published on December 20, 2018

Tomorrow’s bikes: electric, connected, safe

By Paolo Franchi, Purchasing Office BRN S.r.l.

Bikes are now living a moment of intense popularity: this zero impact mean of transport does wonders for physical and mental well-being, cuts the costs of transport wherever possible, embodies the ideas of amusing, stimulating outdoor sports and activities. Such benefits get amplified when home-to-work commuting is within pedalling’s reach, public transport is fast and efficient and urban protected cycling lanes are separated from car traffic. Safety issues are top priorities in this case and daily users seem to be particularly concerned. Collision – since bikers always run higher risks on the road – and thefts represent the major concerns for cyclists. According to the Italian League of Bicyclists (Federazione Italiana Amici della bicicletta), 60% of users – on a sample of 11,000 – report they have been victim of theft at least in one case, 50% im more than one case and that a bicycle is stolen in Italy every two minutes. It is therefore crucial to provide a prompt solution and Viasat ensures its firm commitment. ViasatLock represents an innovation in the field of satellite anti-theft systems: smart, light and compact, easy to place on the handlebar, remains invisible and does not compromise the bike’s design so that burglars are not able to see it. GPS equipped and connected to mobile App as well as to Viasat Operative Centre 24/7, this device makes possible for users to track and locate the bike at all times. In case of theft or attempts of removal, the owner receives immediate App notification so that they can track any movement, the Operative Centre reports the police and the bicycle can be recovered. ViasatLock is not just an anti-theft device: the SOS button of the App can call sanitary or mechanic assistance in case of emergency.

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