Published on December 10, 2018

The steve project a test for electrical mobility


The idea of sustainable, electrical mobility is a growing trend since air pollution and fuel costs are a recurring problem of urban living. Torino and Venaria Reale, together with Calvià (Spain) and Villach (Austria) are pilot cities of the European reasearch project ‘Steve’ – Smart-Taylored L-category Electric Vehicle demonstration in hEtherogeneous urban use-cases – for the development of a brand new, smart, and light electrical vehicle. A highly innovative e-city car, partly assembled by 3D printers, that will provide a valuable response to the problems of urban living, such as congestion and air pollution. VEM Solutions – a company of Viasat Group that was born from the merger of Elem S.p.a. and Vem Solutions S.r.l. – is the only telematic provider involved into the ambitious plan of developing and experiencing innovative, telematic, and IoT solutions for the future years as well as to implement and enhance our driving style and overcome the mental resistance towards electrical mobility. The Steve project, which involves 21 partners among Universities, public administration and SME, whose role will be crucial in the development of required technologies, will have a budget of 7,5 million funded by Horizon 2020.

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