Published on July 14, 2021


The ANIA Foundation has created the first didactic / information area in Italy exclusively dedicated to soft mobility. That is for the new urban ecosystem created by e-bikes and electric scooters, combined with traditional bicycles. It is useful to remember that driving an electric two-wheeler means always and in any case to circulate in traffic and having to abide by the Highway Code rules. Within the platform, three thematic areas have been dedicated to bicycles, e-bikes and scooters: vehicles technical aspects, the rules of use and driving techniques, training course and video tutorials. An important part, then, has been dedicated to the insurance culture, which illustrates the concepts of coverage, civil liability and protection from risks. The project aims at being the first – and most complete- in terms of training proposals in the current panorama, designed for anyone who wants to approach this new mobility. We are going to compensate the lack of knowledge of rules: the program includes, for instance, the analysis of speed or power limits, age for obtaining a driving license, the mandatory use of accessories such as helmets or lights and, last but not least, insurance and civil liability aspects.

Umberto Guidoni
Secretary General

*From Guida alla Sicurezza 2021/22:

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