Published on December 5, 2018

The digital revolution and the launch of 4.0 dealer

By Alessandro Cavallo, Sales Manager KAIROS-SYSTEM

Digitalisation imposes a radical and revolutionary change into the world of automotive. The industry restart has been made possible with the increasing request of innovative experience and services that customers are already testing through the use of hi-tech and fast-moving consumer goods. For this reason, automakers and dealers should not ignore the necessity to integrate all the operational activities connected to purchasing and assistance processes and, today more than ever, should co-operate on the creation of unified, multichannel experiences to satisfy their customers and increase brand loyalty. If the goal is to use telematics to build customer loyalty and to effectively manage not only sales but also after-sale processes as well as working on customer retain and business optimization, our Viasat Dealer Portal is certainly a formidable tool. Today’s tools only allow dealers to make possible estimates on return of vehicles for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance works. Data analysis provided by Viasat box (K-Box and S-Box)can obtain remote and real time information on the vehicle, detecting anomalies and anticipating assistance requests. Tailor-mademarketing tools ensure the possibility of planning ordinary maintenance activities based on temporary and kilometric deadlines (inspections, diagnosis, checks, etc) and extraordinary intervention in case of anomalies with the use of automatic alerts. Viasat devices can be used as satellite locators and are always connected to Viasat Operation Centre to offer our customer effective safety services such as assistance and anti-theft function in case of accident.

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