Published on July 27, 2018

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Viasat Monitoring (former CMA Monitoring) is one of the leaders in the field of vehicles and premises monitoring, providing services of technical security of property in Poland and Europe. Thanks to our knowledge, we are one of the leading companies in the market of Telematics systems intended for optimisation of fleet maintenance processes and costs, as well as management of employees in the field and logistics processes by precise monitoring, control and security of vehicles. Our stable financial and organizational standing helped us attract thousands of Clients, whose loyalty is the best guarantee of the high quality of our services. The Automonitoring system was designed as a comprehensive fleet control and management tool. The system helps to optimize business processes and gives full control over the fleet. The Automonitoring system makes it possible to monitor vehicles is real time, it supports planning, lowers the operational costs, increases performance effectiveness and helps to eliminate any abuse. The Automonitoring system is dedicated to clients operating in various fields and with different fleet size. With the new device in our offer called BluBox, Automonitoring makes it easier to manage the vehicles and monitor drivers’ performance 24 hours a day. BluBox in combination with a accelerometer delivers analytical data on the use of vehicles and machines. Data uncovers analysis of driving style and low efficiency and function of ecodriving gives a proper drivers’ ranking. In addition to the system supporting vehicle fleet management, our new and improved Application “Automonitoring am2mobile” in the mobile version for Android and IOS provides real time information about the location of the vehicle, the route and stops. It also verifies. Once our system is installed, drivers’ performance increases in effectiveness and safety. We monitor every day more than 21 000 vehicles. We offer comprehensive tool for: light vehicles fleets, heavy fleets, machines, forklifts. With the knowledge of the issues related to Heavy Fleet management, Viasat Monitoring has been tailored to the Customers’ needs with such vehicles. Check the list of benefits/features that we offer to help you manage the fleet and take care of your vehicles and goods: special and individual protection procedures, transportation orders with status, communication with driver (message, reports, documents exchange), remote Tachograph reader, DDD files analyses, integrations with third-part TMS software and platforms. The GPS Monitoring from Viasat Monitoring lets its users reduce the cost of both petrol and the fleet operation. Additionally, Automonitoring also provides a 24/7 protection from vehicle theft and other alarm events. Our “Protection 24h” service is equipped with a feature that triggers the automatic alarm procedure. The Automonitoring system is an ideal tool for dispatchers and logistics specialists. Viasat Monitoring also has its own Monitoring Station, which functions as an Alarm Receiving Center and operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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