Published on July 30, 2020


By Francesco Signor – Head of Corporate Communication VIASAT GROUP

Last March, the president of the ECB, Christine Lagarde, raised the alarm for a “considerable worsening” of the economic outlook, due to the Coronavirus, that will have a “significant economic impact” and represent “a great shock to prospects for growth”. As I write this editorial, it is not even possible to foresee the future coming weeks. Technology –in its broadest senseand people do represent the key to overcome this global emergency: our greatest gratitude goes to medical health staff. For instance, big data technology has helped China in managing the COVID-19 epidemic for analysis, virus monitoring and tracking activities; robotic arms have ‘replaced’ doctors in Wuhan hospitals to carry out high risk activities in order to prevent contagion between patients and healthcare staff. Work and life routine has also been disrupted in favor of remote activities and smart working. Thanks to this new business organization, Viasat has also managed to contain the effects of the emergency on its activities. Operational continuity and quality service have been provided in strict compliance with all necessary precautionary measures. This new Safety Guide edition –that reached its 15th year- will not be dedicated to Coronavirus emergency; we will celebrate technology, its ability to transform and process data into information, improve current production processes and business models and reach sustainability goals. This has always been Viasat’s business. Smart devices of everyday life will constantly generate data; sensors, maps, infrastructures, thermostats will assure intelligent and smart management of goods, resources and services. Smart city applications will encourage road safety, intelligent parking, urban maintenance and circular economy. Our natural curiosity will create innovative services and solutions and contribute to this revolutionary process; future generations deserve better conditions for our planet. Establishment, companies and experts have been entrusted to share their opinions about present and future scenarios. The closure of this edition arrives in times of uncertainty; we cannot predict the impact that this emergency will have on our economies, or its duration. We want to believe that this immense tragedy will give us incentives to change our lives, and be stronger and stronger.

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