Published on January 15, 2018

Sustainability is a chain relationships

By Francesco Signor, Corporate Communication Manager Viasat Group

The nature of corporate social responsibility has changed very quickly in the past recent years. Global lawmakers have enacted laws and recommendations with regard to social and environmental issues to encourage companies to operate in a more responsible, sustainable way. It is not by chance that Viasat Group’s Social Report – published in 2007 for the first time- has been made the principal manifesto of a responsibly managed Company, aiming to increase, to create added value and always taking sustainability balance (in terms of economic, social and environmental issues) into account, as well as stakeholders’ expectations, whose interests deeply weave together with those of the Company. The 15th edition of our new Guida alla Sicurezza dedicates the greatest attention to circular economy, that is growing with the help of technological innovation and whose arrival is encouraging new, once unimaginable business models. Datamove and Anthea, two companies that are part of the Viasat Group and who propose a new, “intelligent” urban hygiene management solution, have been able to exploit the opportunities of the Internet of Things at their best. Integrated sensors and measurement and analysis software ensure performance and cost optimization, resulting in efficient and cost-effective processes. Today more than ever, the idea of sustainability as a mere environmental related issue has been overcome by a strong incentive towards a convergence between digital technology and economic growth. The 17 goals of 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SDGs) adopted by the 193 ONU member countries have enshrined the importance of sustainability as a key factor for a successful business and to attract investments. The world aims at sustainability and the Viasat Group will not sit back. Enjoy your reading.

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