Published on April 5, 2018

Street truck, more efficient officers, safer roads

By Silvio Foschi, CEO Helian

Helian S.r.l. has recently became part of Viasat Group through its subsidiary, Vem Solutions. It specializes in safety and road traffic hardware and software solutions: they created the Street Control device, an instrument which is able to manage all the operative functions of the procedures related to the assessment and sanction of Italian Highway Code. The Street Control suite has now been enriched with a new and innovative control and investigation product for Police control and investigation on the move: digital and analogue tachograph verification. Street Truck allows to download, read and check the tachograph data in wireless mode and immediately send to Tablet/PC an accurate report of Highway Code breaches, as well as all the details of the infringement and the relevant amount, thus facilitating the filling of police reports. This easy-to-use solution is equipped with a Tablet/PC graphic interface that allows to download and analyze the tachograph data in a few clicks as well as to identify the type of breach, prepare the police report and calculate the relevant amount and driving license points to dock. Then, it allows database access and control to monitoring insurance contracts, car revisions, number of thefts.

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