Published on March 23, 2020

Speeding up the innovation Process

By Rossella Panero, Presidente TTS ITALIA

According to a survey conducted by consultancy Stretegy, technological innovation will reduce freight companies’ management costs. In short, it seems that ‘smart’ road haulage will outperform traditional solutions in few years. Small freight companies managing little fleets should, then, join larger groups with consolidated experience in the use of technology as a strategy to optimize their fleet activities. Leaping on digital opens up to new business opportunities and models. In the coming years, info-telematics will revolutionise the world of freight transport; the interconnection between vehicles and infrastructures will offer tailor-made, addedvalue services for both companies and drivers. Even today, some companies give access to infrastructures –such as ports or interports- via on board device to simplify the flow of vehicles. Or, even, telematic customs door: a work-inprogress solution that will finalize customs clearing operations directly to warehouses and logistics centre. The interface between vehicles and roads then, will open up to new, interesting opportunities for freight transport. Immediate access to information –such as weather and road conditions, possible collisions, detourswill raise security levels.

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