Published on February 13, 2017

Skyline, the mission is under control

By Simon J.Keam-George, CEO Enigma Telematics

The concept of Big Data is not new, but it is indeed crucial for many companies looking for a better use of data in their daily activities. The process of distilling information into segments of significant and easy-to-manage facts can often be discouraging. This is where the Skyline platform comes in, offering full control to fleet managers, with tailor-made reports that allow for an in-depth breakdown of tracked assets, machinery and vehicles. The up-to-the-minute tacking of key vehicle and asset systems allows you to be proactive rather than reactive. Skyline provides you with operational data and detailed information, giving you the ability to respond quickly to any situation. also helps to reduce fleet costs, increase performance and optimize maintenance procedures. An additional feature of our software is theft prevention and recovery, which provides you with real-time locationing data on each vehicle or asset in your fleet. As part of our security offer, we can equip most vehicles, assets, and machinery with additional functionalities in order to improve the defenses of the vehicle and its contents. The satellite telematics market has experienced an extraordinary evolution over the last ten years, in response to a need for greater security of corporate assets. In this sense, companies are equipping themselves to counter the ever-increasing phenomenon of vehicle theft, strengthening countermeasures with the aim of protecting their fleets and assets and reducing vehicle downtime, with positive effects on profitability. The solutions provided by Enigma Telematics have contributed to the recovery of machinery and vehicles for over £100 million since the end of 2016. This figure does nothing but prove something that is already quite clear: monitoring fleets and corporate assets is essential in order to ensure cost reduction with a strongly positive effect on business results. Not only does this allow the company managers to prevent theft and facilitate the recovery of the stolen properties; it also enables them to analyze the data from a predictive point of view, so as to support strategic decisions regarding corporate assets, vehicle fleets and machinery.

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