Published on February 24, 2020

Safety and efficiency for everyone

By Gianni Barzaghi, Head of BU Fleet VIASAT

The use of Fleet Management systems is now indispensable for an intelligent, automatic management of transport; safety, of course, represents the central issue but advantages also arise from improved efficiency of logistics and transport processes. It represents a long-term strategy in comparison to on the fly solutions. Not only anti-theft systems for the safety of drivers, vehicles and goods, but also real-time information about driving style, fuel consumption, cold chain or tachograph management, up to advanced waste management systems in the field of waste collection and disposal. Moreover, it enables the monitoring of fleet vehicles’ daily activities, both in long-haul and regional, extra-urban and urban routes, up until the ‘fateful’ last mile of distribution. Information that runs from on board devices to the Operations Centre to be, then, interconnected to the company’s management system. A flow of knowledge in the service of efficiency and effectiveness of our clients’ business: that’s what we do in Viasat. Ours is an international Group made up of several companies in numerous European countries, whose contribute is crucial in the creation of a supply chain that effectively oversees the entire value chain processes: from device software design to hardware production, up to marketing solutions and services for our final customers. The Company performs all stages of our products’ cycle to serve as benchmark for logistics and freight transport companies for providing effective, integrated business proposal to our clients. This is what makes our solutions a winning choice.

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