Published on August 3, 2021


Motorbikes are synonym of freedom, passion, fun but also smart, sustainable and easier city mobility. The consequences of the pandemic have underlined the advantages of moving on two wheels: speed, social distancing, easy parking. This means –for companies and public administrations- to face new challenges in terms of safety; accident related data require high attention levels, despite the latest inflections. Today, the world of mobility is converging together with the latest updates in the technological industry. The business of motorbikes has made giant leaps towards the development of security measures. In the not-so-distant future, vehicle connectivity will increase the amount of information at users’ disposal and enhance interaction processes between infrastructures and road users. The expectation is to arrive to motorbike ECALL systems; at the moment, such measures have not been made mandatory yet, as happens with cars all over Europe. Unification processes at European level are still ongoing. Today, Viasat Slim Box Moto has been proposed to the market as a small device equipped with all the peculiarities and features of a traditional Black Box. Meant to be installed on board, it has been equipped with GPS/CSM/GPRS technology, which works as a localizator and provides any kind of assistance (medical, mechanical, law enforcement intervention) with the help of our 24/7 Operation Centre. In case of vehicle theft, a prompt localization is guaranteed to facilitate Police intervention and vehicle recovery.

Paolo Magri, President ANCMA

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