Published on March 16, 2020

More than 2500 companies chose 4.0 excise duties reinbursement

By Claudio Colucci, CEO TECNO ACCISE

How much do companies invest in diesel? How much do the increased costs in excise rates affect operations? How important is it to rely on a professional and accountable team? Currently, the Consolidation Act on Excise Duties provides for the reimbursement of excise duty on diesel fuel both for trucking companies -up to € 0.21 per liter- and up to € 0.43. for companies using operational machineries, having no more than 24 months of retroactive application. Tecno Accise is a company operating in energy efficiency and excise sectors. Industry player since 1999, it is responsible for more than 2500 companies throughout national and international territory. Teamwork and 4.0 technology 4.0 have assured the success of our group in Europe as a reference point in the excise sector. We believe in technology and we work hard every day to provide highly professional consultancy to our customers, as well as innovative tools for remote data and effective business management. Fuel has been created from our partnership with Viasat: a sophisticated control and management system for diesel tanks. An intuitive and easy-to-use device to help companies in fuel consumption check operations with free smartphone app to activate real time strategies for waste reduction and prompt assistance in the event of theft. Fuel detects all movements, even outside working hours and generates automatic alerts and/or push notifications in the event of anomalies. With Fuel, we help companies to optimize their resources, to identify anomalies and reduce waste.

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