Published on October 22, 2020


By Alessandro Tursi President of FIAB – Federazione Italiana Ambiente e Bicicletta

Cycling is the most efficient mode of transport to travel around the city: it saves money and the environment, it’s fast, quiet and space-saving, it works with renewable energy, it’s cheap and beneficial to our health and well-being in our increasingly sedentary society. Unfortunately, cycling also means to come to terms with everyday dangers, and more. In fact, there is no worst nightmare for cyclists than a jimmied bike. Today, thefts represent a depressing trend in Italy, especially in all those urban areas striving to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. Thefts are growing hand in hand with the number of cyclists in our country. Protection has become essential, especially in view of the average, higher economic value of new e-bikes. No more – or, at least, not only – heavy chains and padlocks, therefore, but small satellite devices; a smart, safe and 100% reliable solution. Among the other proposals, ViasatLock stands out on the market; a localization device that protects your bike and personal belongings (suitcase, musical instruments, etc ..). A light, compact, easy-to-hide device that works like car models; equipped with GPS, it can easily detect the exact position of your goods at any time via App. A cutting-edge solution for your bike and… things you love.

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