Published on May 29, 2020

Il Sole 24 Ore – Special Digital Innovation: an interview with Domenico Petrone

We are pleased to share the interview with Domenico Petrone, President of the Viasat Group, published on Il Sole 24 Ore on 26 May in the Special DIGITAL INNOVATION AT THE TIME OF THE CORONAVIRUS – Excellent Realities.
An interesting point of view on the themes of technological innovation, sustainability in a “glocal” key and new organizational models that can be used to face the emergency we are experiencing.
Enjoy the reading.

A network of interconnected companies. This is how those of Viasat Group are defined, pursuing a policy of expansion in Europe and in the world, according to the philosophy of the “glocal”, that is global thinking to act at the local level. An even more current approach to the market if you think about what happened in the world due to the Coronavirus emergency. The epidemic had a devastating impact on the economy, but the Viasat Group was able to quickly introduce an organizational model, capable of protecting the health of its employees, while ensuring the continuity of the services of all customers and partners, in a reliable way it’s complete.

Active since 1974, the Group was born as an operator specialized in the production of hi-tech electronic systems, applied in particular to the automotive sectors. In the early 2000s, the business was diversified in the satellite telematics sector, a field until then almost unexplored, until it became European excellence in satellite and IoT security systems that integrate the most modern technologies to guarantee complete security. to the vehicle and its occupants.

Viasat Group operates today in over 60 countries, through 4 Business Units strongly oriented towards the future, technological innovation, sustainability and connected mobility: Insurtech, Fleet & Waste Management, Smart Connect and IoT Solutions. The uniqueness of the Group lies, in particular, in its ability to oversee all phases of the value chain: from research to innovation, from design and development to the production and marketing of devices and service platforms, through the latest generation of IT infrastructures and its own European Security Operations Centers.

“The Group’s strategy – Domenico Petrone, President of Viasat Group tells us – is focused on the proposal of useful solutions to expand the offer, service profiles and business models of its customers, through the introduction and use of advanced systems and technological applications. Guaranteeing impeccable quality, sustainable costs and punctual and precise planning are fundamental aspects that have always helped our company to stand out. The result is a capacity for constant development and improvement of processes and good practices, through a daily commitment to improve and optimize their activities.”

The belief that the coming years will be the years of IoT and Big Data, but the years of knowledge and culture will increasingly be consolidated. Modern and effective business management is mainly based on the ability to read, encode and transform useful information into a huge amount of data, which derives from the technological tools used.

“In Viasat – continues Domenico Petrone – we firmly believe that there cannot be sustainable development and growth, without the component of technological innovation, but we are also convinced that people will continue to play a central role in this scenario. From this point of view, the investments we continue to make to strengthen our network of Operations Centers in Europe are even more valuable. A service that our customers can always count on, every day of the year, 24 hours a day, thanks to the precious work of hundreds of specialized engineers and technicians who contribute to the success of our Group.”

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