Published on January 26, 2021


By Gianni Barzaghi, AD BU Fleet Viasat

Telematic systems applied to heavy vehicles to receive information and maximize fleet management operations, thanks to the integration between telematic and computer data. Information that is, then, processed and made available to the fleet manager to streamline and simplify operational management. That’s what Viasat Fleet does and so much more! Our TMS – Transport Management Solutions – offers a complete suite of products and services that helps road transport companies to optimize all fleet management processes and activities. We can provide real time information on vehicle’s activities -position, tasks and on-board messaging, as well as fuel costs, driving style and tachograph data download, to alert you when drivers are nearing or in violation. It also provides for the full integration of all data collected with the main logistics international management platforms. TMS ensures top driver and vehicles compliance and safety together with our European network of 24/7 Viasat Operations Centers to management alerts and activate intervention procedures. The use of fleet management systems reduces fleets costs of about 9 percent from the first year: lower fuel costs and better performances.
Viasat Fleet has proposed two new products for 2020. The first provides smart delivery and pickup planning, to help customer to optimize daily tours and vehicle scheduling in compliance with all customers, drivers, vehicles and costs regulations and improve all company’s processes. The second consists in offering customers a wide range of consultancy and professional services provided by our experts, including the Highway Code and relevant regulations, road accidents, Labour Inspectorate and contract management, provided by lawyers and industry experts.

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