Published on February 20, 2017

EuroGPS eVehicle: the chance to grow

By Ivaylo Georgiev, CEO Viasat Technology

As we know, commercial telematics, also known as realtime GPS vehicle tracking or Fleet Management, offers unquestionable benefits. In this sense, EuroGPS eVehicle, the integrated software platform that provides numerous telematics solutions to businesses and public institutions, can make the most of them all. The complete objectivity of the information on vehicles and mobile processes in general, due to the fact that the organization has access to real-time data on where, when, by whom and how exactly company vehicles are used, has an immediate impact on security. A substantial reduction in the use of company vehicles in nonworking hours, for personal use, and outside planned routes and on-site visits, which in turn leads to a substantial mileage reduction. An effective control to curb unfair practices – including theft of vehicles and goods – as well as a fleet speed control that, in fact, leads to reduced fuel consumption, breakdowns and maintenance costs. Other positive effects are: the optimization of working hours; increased service quality, obtained through transparent service provision; reduced administrative costs for the management and control of business processes. In short, despite the complexity and size of the fleet, Viasat Technology’s EuroGPS eVehicle corporate telematics systems make the fleet safer, more productive and efficient while reducing operating costs, excess mileage and wasted time.

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