Published on August 7, 2018

Enigma telematics introduces sosCall to UK, African and middle east markets


With the introduction of the E-Call legislation on new vehicles in mainland Europe, we have been looking to offer our customers a retrofit option on existing fleet vehicles to improve their driver and fleet safety. We are pleased to announce the completed integration of sosCall into Skyline, our fleet management platform and product range. Officially we have launched this new service at the UK’s biggest fleet show, Fleet Live, held at the National Exhibition Centre at the beginning of October 2018. sosCall presents us with a unique opportunity to provide improved driver protection and increased duty of care to our existing customers and fleet operators across the UK, African and Middle Eastern markets. With sosCall fleet drivers are offered insurance standard protection should they have an accident as the system will alert the local SOC immediately, reducing the time between accident and first response; potentially saving lives. Additionally, by providing emergency and breakdown assistance companies benefit from the advantage of advanced crash detection, allowing them to accelerate FNOL (First Notification of Loss) procedures, reducing the impact of fleet crashes on the business. We feel these benefits will greatly aid all companies that manage or operate vehicle fleets, however this will be of particular interest within the vertical markets of vehicle leasing, fleet accident management and managed vehicle maintenance. sosCall will deliver clear and concise insight into crash events aiding in the analysis of fault and the prevention of fraudulent claims. Earlier this year, we conducted a soft launch with resellers within the African and Middle Eastern markets. The launch was met with success which has resulted in trials with three of our partners in Africa. Additionally, we are working through the regulatory process with our reseller in Kuwait, which will allow for sosCall to be certified for the Kuwaiti market. As part of the soft launch, we have approached companies within our UK customer-base to provide them with the opportunity to gain groundlevel entry to the new product. We are pleased to have had a strong response from these customers and are currently in discussions. We look forward to bringing sosCall to the UK in October, allowing us to take another positive step in our mission to improve fleet safety.

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