Published on March 27, 2020


Viasat has always been synonymous of assistance, protection and safety for all its customers. As part of the COVID19 emergency, the recent Italian Prime Minister’s decree of 22 March has adopted exceptional measures to deal with a global emergency of historic importance. Unprecedented measures are envisaged which provide for the blocking of non-strategic production activities, the limitation of movements and contacts between people.

Since the safety of our employees and their loved ones is always at the forefront for us, in the last few weeks, we have decided to introduce an organizational model, capable of protecting the health of our employees, while continuing to guarantee a reliable and complete service to all our customers and partners. In the vast majority of cases, they are people who move to offer in turn essential and strategic services: we think of the road hauliers who guarantee the delivery of goods, the companies that carry out the collection of waste, the insurance agencies, the installation points, but also to health workers, law enforcement and Civil Protection with whom we work daily to ensure assistance to our customers.

There are many ways of doing our duty: there are those who do it on the field with a white coat and some with a uniform. We do this also by staying at home to protect, above all, our health, that of our loved ones and of the community in which we live. Our operators of H24 Operations Center, Customer Service and Help Desk of the European Viasat network (Italy, Romania, Belgium, Spain, France, Poland, Bulgaria, Great Britain and Portugal), in some cases, are operating from their homes to continue to be there for our customers. Maybe one of them will answer at night and you will hear the sleeping voice of a child calling his dad. It is his son who sleeps in the next room while he does his job. Or it may happen that, while on the phone, the line is disturbed. You don’t have to take it wrong, maybe they’re working from a small town that doesn’t have broadband. Despite a thousand difficulties, they are always there, even at this moment. Same for all our commercial officers who follow partner insurance agencies, road hauliers and utilities, as well as colleagues from all support functions.

In this delicate moment, which sees our nation facing a global pandemic, the most tragic of the last 100 years, everyone’s commitment is to be prudent, responsible and united, because only then will we be able to do it.

Viasat is always with you.

#noicelafaremo #wecandoit

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