Published on April 8, 2020

Coronavirus emergency: video message from the President of Viasat Group Domenico Petrone for Easter

Hi Everyone,

these are moments of serious difficulty and concern for our Country, for Europe and for the whole World. Many families are experiencing the pain of illness and the loss of their loved ones.

Doctors, health workers, law enforcement, civil protection and many categories of workers are continuing to do their duty with great commitment and a spirit of sacrifice. Our enormous gratitude is addressed to all of them.

We are seeing the first positive signs, compared to the trend of the epidemic, but be careful, we cannot and must not let our guard down. It would be an unforgivable mistake. It takes prudence, a sense of responsibility and a union of purpose. Unfortunately, we will have to live with this situation for many more weeks and, perhaps, for months. We must therefore be ready to face sacrifices again, changing the way we live and work. Yes work, because WORK IS LIFE. We cannot totally block the country, because despite everything, we must also overcome the economic crisis that Codiv-19 is generating, in order to avoid a devastating recession.

Certainly, the safety of our employees and their loved ones is always the priority for us. For this reason, we have decided to introduce a new organizational model, capable of protecting the health of our people, while continuing to guarantee a reliable and complete service to all our users and customers. The operators of our Operations Centers, staying at home and operating in Smart Working, provide essential security and assistance services to our Customers throughout the European territory.

Despite a thousand difficulties, they are here also in this moment. As are our managers and officials who follow insurance agencies, road hauliers and public utilities, as well as our engineers and technicians, committed to developing new telematic tools and technological solutions, useful for the circumstances and for the whole community. For our customers, Viasat is here and always will be.

This pandemic is an unprecedented shock and when faced with the threat of such a invisible virus, extraordinary measures must be taken to counter the spread of the infection. But it is equally essential to safeguard production activities, guaranteeing essential goods and services for citizens and the country, adopting the most innovative technological tools to face and win this battle, as quickly as possible.

Europe must do its part and national governments, companies and citizens must do the same.

The restart will be gradual, but we must be ready. In our history we have faced wars, natural disasters, economic crises, but we have always stood up. If we stay together, we will make it this time too.

In the next coming holidays, we still stay at home, in our houses. It’s a sacrifice for our goodness.

Despite this dramatic situation, I want to wish you all and your loved ones a peaceful Easter, full of love, hope and trust.

Let’s do it together! Happy Easter.

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