Published on November 12, 2018

Car rental superstar, record numbers

By Pietro Teofilatto, Long term rental director ANIASA

Aprogressive revolution is influencing our way of approaching to cars. Car rental and car sharing popularity is representative of the increasing appeal, for both private citizens and companies, of an easier, cheaper and manageable mobility in comparison to vehicle ownership. A success that is witnessed by five consecutive years of growth on the national market, increasing from 16% to 23%. A significant change of the offer is underway since a long time and companies are now ready to customise their solutions on their clients’ needs, resulting in effective, reversible flexibility. Technological evolution supports and assists such a change. Vehicles are increasingly equipped with devices that are able to “interact” with the customer through a personalised interface. Today, fleet managers strive to promote the use of telematic devices to improve vehicles management and control and they achieved a strong awareness of their strong potential in terms of activities, cost monitoring, road assistance and vehicles and driver’s safety management. Black Box services are crucial in theft prevention, maintenance and assistance processes and to encourage a more virtuous driving style. Today, company’s fleets and car rental services are essential partners of car and service industry. This new, successful business model that is increasingly influencing our driving experience will include vehicles into a new, integrated mobility system of telematic services offered by different providers; Fleet Management, and especially car rental companies, will play a key role in this process.

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