Published on August 10, 2018

Car logistics IoT, the new solution for location in concessionaires

By Javier Benjumea Serra, CEO GRUPO DETECTOR

Grupo Detector, is a Viasat Group company, specialized in telematics services, IOT and security, with more than 15 years of experience on the mobility and security market. The distribution of both are carried out through agreements with most of the main insurance, rental a car and car distribution companies, through more than 2,000 sale (at october 2018) and installation points with in the Spanish territory. Additionally, Detector develops consulting IOT projects, applied to construction, engineering and logistical ecosystems. Several different innovative technologies are utilized to be able to operate and execute the final solutions, partnering together with the client throughout the whole process, thanks to all the close support and experience of a company like Detector Group. Currently there are live ongoing projects in more than 7 different countries, around Europe and Middle East. As a result of the experience in the vehicle location market, Car Logistics IoT was born in 2016, as service that seeks to cover the needs of those concessionaire’s or car logistics companies, which have large fleets of vehicles and need to know the exact location of the vehicles at all times for several porpoises. Car Logistic IoT is composed of the following elements:

• Tag: a hardware based on BLE technology (Bluetooth Low Energy) which is placed on each of the vehicles for further location.

• Antenna: antennas are strategically installed in the areas to be monitored, allowing coverage in the concessionaire / parking lot and sending the information back to Detector cloud.

• Detector’s IoT Platform: allows online check for the location of vehicles in the different areas of the concession / parking lots, real time at the click of a mouse.

Additionally, Car Logistics IOT, allows the placement of antennas in the trucks or tows that carry the vehicles so the fleet responsible, can also know the status of the vehicles even in the process of travelling to other locations. This solution allows the concessionaire to have total control of the fleet with in its facilities, as well as a productive improvement, and / or customer service level throughout all the logistical process of the vehicles. Always, in a very advantageous conditions at cost level, compared to other co-existing technologies in the market today.

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