Published on July 26, 2019


By Oscar Foti, Direzione Tecnica Auto AMISSIMA ASSICURAZIONI

Black boxes seem to run out of innovation. Today, it seems that they only represent an incentive to obtain insurance discounts and the latest Government provisions had the result of discouraging the use of such devices. However, telematic solutions could offer a variety of useful and interesting services for policyholders. Safety, assistance, protection. Customers – or the most evolved at least- still decide to buy Black-Box-oriented insurance products to reduce their rates, but focus their attention on related services, such as e-Call function- as well. The fact that the purchase of telematic insurance products is not a simple matter of price any longer should encourage Companies to innovate, to improve their offers and their customers’ experience, and engage them across all channels. Fast-moving technologies have become easier, simpler and costeffective, and customers increase their awareness and expectations. Companies that will not exploit the opportunities provided by telematic evolution will run the risk of losing substantial market shares and to deteriorate their relation with those new and evolved customers whose interest converge towards subscription services and not just about cost-saving strategies to reduce their insurance rates.

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