Published on February 20, 2017

Automonitoring System: all you need

By Jacek Raczka, CEO Cma Monitoring

Vehicle monitoring is an effective way to optimize business activity, improve driver safety, protect the means and goods against theft . Automonitoring system has been designed by CMA Monitoring and is dedicated to customers operating in different sectors and with different fleet sizes. Automonitoring facilitates vehicle management and driver performance monitoring 24 hours a day. The system provides real-time information on vehicle position, route and stops. It also checks your driving style. Once the system is installed, driver performance increases in terms of effectiveness and safety, optimizing business processes and giving full control over the fleet. Automonitoring also provides a 24/7 protection against vehicle theft and other alarm events. The“24h Protection” service is equipped with a feature that triggers the automatic alarm procedure. Automonitoring system is an ideal tool for dispatchers and logistics specialists. It facilitates the processing of shipping orders, verifies the drivers working hours, transmitting digital cronotachograph data and their permissions. It can identify the driver and monitor border crossing events; it is equipped with a sophisticated trailer and load protection system – a functionality specially designed for the transportation of perishable and valuable goods. The system can generate different reports that help manage the fleet, giving you the ability to configure and customize reports based on the different needs of your customers. In short, a vital element for planning and executing tasks in transportation and distribution companies.

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