Published on February 17, 2020

A green boost from Viasat

By Luca Moretti, Head of Waste Management VIASAT

The world is moving towards greater awareness of environmental sustainability, circular economy, climate crises and the ecosystem. Of course, all the activities related to the world of Waste Management service are meeting increasing attention, as well as innovative visions concerning the development of projects impacting on the ecosystem that is commonly defined as Smart City. However, Italy’s current waste management model does not include, in many cases, the use of technologies that are already available on the market. This results in less efficient processes and, in general, more arduous management of the all the activities and heavier economic impact. That is the area in which Viasat has decided to invest, with a specific business line whose aim is to exploit technological devices to the benefit of overall environmental services management. In short, technology and innovation in support of a “green” boost for Viasat. Viasat’s solution is called WMS, Waste Management Solutions: a unique system that was born from the integration of Anthea’s waste management experiences and platforms -from service and resources operational management up to pricing- Datamove, for fleet and metering management, and Viasat as the main player of IOT and telematic service. WMS is the first unique Erp / IoT solution to cover all the processes of environmental management; operations, collection service, punctual field metering, pricing and billing up to Smart city applications for inter-agency, company and citizens communication with the use of Amazon Alexa functions for waste collection. Service users thus become ‘active’ subject interacting with the system, in order to improve its global performance, in a view of cooperation in the name of a possible and sustainable participation. Since the Waste market is growing in Europe -with margins ranging from 20 to 30 percent a year- this is an excellent opportunity for Viasat to be recognized as a big player in the market, with our high-performance solutions, advanced services and 24/7 assistance to respond to the various needs of a changing business model and maximizing efficiency and competitiveness.

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